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Heaven and Hell Q & A with Trail magazine

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How did the name “Heaven and Hell” relate to your experience at the race?

“The name says it all, heavenly views from the top, but absolute hell to get there!” 

Did you appreciate the loop format?

Yes, it made nutrition planning straight forward as you know exactly what you can expect. Our blood pressure and oxygen saturation were taken every 14km. According to my Garmin, my oxygen saturation was on 89% average throughout the race. 

What elements of the race were most challenging?

It becomes extremely difficult to think straight when you are sleep deprived, running 18 hours non-stop and you have to do another 22km, 6-hour lap with 2 000m ascent to finish. 

Is there a particularly funny/interesting/scary/inspiring memory from the race you’d like to share? 

I’ve learned that hours feel like minutes, the impossible is possible, and that our mind is the strongest tool we have!

Would you do it again?


Running through the night and yet 10 hours to go
Aid station setup between laps
Thinking – What did I sign up for…